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Modify the appearance of Leopard

Customization applications have always been a big hit on Mac, and with the arrival of Leopard a whole range of new Dock and folder appearance applications have popped up.

SuperDocker lets you play around with how key functions of Leopard are displayed.

Before taking a look at SuperDocker, I worried that the application was going to be another of the countless Dock modifiers that you find for Leopard.

Luckily, SuperDocker not only sticks to that section of your Mac but also lets you modify elements in your Finder, Safari browser, Time Machine and others like iCal, iChat or the capture format.

Most of the functions that you can set in SuperDocker are already present in your Mac, but hidden, so having the app is great help to access them quickly.

Each setting is easy to work with, and you often only have to choose between whether to display or hide elements. For others, a slider bar lets you easily adjust to the style you like best.

In all, even though you shouldn't expect anything highly advanced, SuperDocker will give you quick access to hidden display options for for your Leopard.

SuperDocker allows to customize parts of your Mac OS X Leopard. Using SuperDocker, you will be able to :

About Dock

Display a 2D/3D Dock

Use transparency on hidden applications’ icons

Add separation in the Dock

Modify the display of the Docks

About Stacks

Add stacks in recent elements

Display a border cadre around applications

About Finder

Modify the effect of window minimisation

Modify the switching time between 2 spaces under Space

Modify the drawing time of dialog boxes

Display the complete path in the title bar

Display the hidden files

About Safari

Display the Debug menu

Display WebInspector

About Time Machine

Choose to display or not a message after each new disk detection


Display the iCal debug menu

Activate the Data Detectors mod for iChat

Activate the Dashboard’s Developper mode

Modify the display of the menubar

Modify the capture format

Modify the print dialog boxes’ format

Modify the Mac OS X bootsplash


  • Quick access to hidden options


  • A little basic

Older versions

Program available in other languages

SuperDocker for Mac

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 3.03
  • 3.2

  • (44)
  • Security Status

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